The Smoke Season

A museum exhibition and art installation on wildfire.




In collaboration with The Smoke Season, this summer Pacific Science Center will feature an exhibit that delves into big questions about wildfire and its impact on human health and the environment.


Three installations of burnt trees from the 2017 Jolly Mountain Fire placed on the Seattle Center campus.


Fire Writing

A blog on the science of wildfire and the making-of The Smoke Season.

June 15 - September 15, 2019


Join us at Pacific Science Center and find answers to fundamental questions about wildfire and its impact on human and environmental health.

  • How does smoke impact our well-being? What can we do to remain safe in its presence?

  • Where does smoke come from? Why are wildfires burning? And is this part of a natural process?

  • Who is ensuring our safety and that of our environment? And what are the tools that they use?



THE Smoke Season is made possible through the collaboration and support of These partners: